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About Khunti

Khunti is a small census town and is sub division of Ranchi district. The small town of Khunti has often been referred to as the naxalite prone area where lately a lot of naxal and Maoist activity took place. Thanks to continual government efforts and lots of nongovernmental organizations efforts that the region has start witnessing the atmosphere of peace in the region. This region canopied by greenery and forests is a pleasurable and hassle free place to visit.

About Khunti

The small town of Khunti is although small in area and population, but is of great significance. It is the newly created district, and was earlier a sub-division of Ranchi district. It was created on 12.9.07 as the 23 rd district of Jharkhand out of the district of Ranchi. It is regarded as the part of the Chhotangapur Commissionary of the south. Khunti is located 40 Km. to the South of the capital city of Ranchi.

History of Khunti

As per a popular legend it is said that once Mundas ruled over entire Chhotangapur plateau. The then Maharaja Madra Munda's child Setea had eight children. Of these eight great-grandsons of Madra Munda, the eldest went southwards of Ranchi. He built up a Khuntkatti town which later came to be called as Khunti. Historically it is affirmed that Munda ladies of those times used to wear sparkling jewelry weighing as much as ten diviners each and the men could convey weights as much the same number of maunds. The Mundas rights up till today discuss a couplet which portrays how the Tirkis fled in troops when they saw the Mundas approach with their numerous adornments shimmering in the sun. Khunti was also affected by famous Birsa Movement led by Birsa Munda who fought for the freedom of his land.

Geography of Khunti

Profile of KhuntiThe town of Khunti coordinates at 23° 0' 50.47' N, 85° 16' 20.81' E. It is the second least populated town of Jharkhand and is strategically located with all the major cities and districts surrounding it. The climate of Khunti is affected by the latitudinal and longitudinal parameters. The climate is tropical rain forest. According to which the place experiences average temperatures during the summers and winter months but the maximum rainfall takes place during the months from July to September that accounts for more than 90% of total rainfall in the state. The rainfall recorded in the region is 1100mm. Due to high levels of rain in the region the soil is very poor due to high level of leaching. But it does have lots of floral and faunal growth in its premises.

Demography and Population of Khunti

As of 2011 India census, Khunti had a population of 87,681. Males constitute major part of the population amounting to 43,753 and female amount to 43,928. Khunti has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5% of which the male literacy is 75%, and female literacy is 61%. In Khunti, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Administration in Khunti

When on September 12, 2007, Khunti was carved out of Ranchi District as the 23rd district of Jharkhand its demarcations and boundaries were clearly set alongwith the administrative setup of the district. The new district of Khunti has one sub-division namely Khunti and the six blocks are Karra, Arki, Murhu, Khunti, Torpa and Rania.All these are governed under the panchayati raj system of government.

District Commisioner of Khunti
Dr.Prasad Krishna Waghmare
Mobile No: 9430153303
E-mail Id: dckhunti99@gmail.com
Website: http://khunti.nic.in/

Culture of Khunti

The cultural paradigms in a place are a measure of lifestyles of people, the various ethnic groups that are a part of the people who live here and make a community. The culture is marked by various languages spoken by the people and also the various festivities celebrated in the region concerned, their mode of survival etc.People in Khunti are very simple and rooted to rural way of life. It is home to people belonging to various tribes as Munda, Oraon Tirki etc. Other settlers include section of people from Bengal, Bihar and Odisha. They are ardent followers of their religion and believe in performing whatever they follow with immense respect and faith.

Information on Khunti
Sarhul Dance

In Khunti Mundari is spoken by 94% of the Munda race. Birhor dialect is spoken only by the Birhore tribes. The majority of the population understands and communicates in Hindi also. The language Kharia is another lingo which is also incorporated in the Munda family of languages. Kurukh language which belongs to the Dravidian family of languages is the language of the Oraons and is spoken in the villages. The Nagpuria dialect is another language commonly spoken throughout the sub-division. However Dev Nagari Script is in vogue all over the District and is used as medium of education is most of the school.

Of the numerous dances performed by these tribal who are basically individuals are known as the Adivasi individuals they move to different tunes and melodies yet in fact the name of the dances are Karam Susun and Jadur Susun and so on these dances are performed by the tribal dance artists incidentally on certain bubbly events and dates.

Food in Khunti

Khunti is known for the dishes of rice, diverse sorts of Rotis, Litti Chokha, Pani Puri (Gupchup), and Pittha, Dhuska, Dudhauri, kera-dudhauri, Jhalmudhi and so forth. Dhuska is a renowned dish of Khunti cooked with squashed rice and pulses and presented with either aaloo dum or sheep curry; kera-dudhauri is a popular dish arranged with milk, rice, ghee and gur. In numerous parts of Khunti "Charpa" prepared by squashed rice blended with zesty vegetable arrangements are served. Sembi Charpa, Egg Charpa and numerous additionally relying on the use of the vegetable source are famous. Another uncommon sustenance thing found in Khunti is 'Rugda'. It becomes normally and is found in sloppy fields of Chotanagpur region. It is viewed as a vegetable and is accessible amid begin of storm season for a brief time. It is accepted that lightning impacts its development. Rugdas are little round balls with hard outside shell and delicate filling inside. It is for the most part arranged with curry cooked with flavors and a lot of onion and is a delicacy simply like chicken or sheep curry.

Economy of Khunti

The main occupation of the people is agriculture and pastoralism. However with the passage of time the work has shifted from agriculture to export of local goods such Madua (ragi), Mahua, Dhan (paddy), and Tamarind to wholesale markets of Ranchi and Lucknow. Karra which is a sub division of Khunti is known for sweet potatoes. A lot many of the people are skilled laborers who produce marvelous works from the jute and basket making craft.

Religion of Khunti

The people of Khunti are known for living harmonious and peaceful life. They ardently follow their religion and nobody disrespects any particular faith. The majority of people are Christians, Hindus and Muslims; however the Sikh, Sarna and Jains are in minority in the district. Christmas, Holi, Durga Puja, Ramnawmi, Deepawali, Id-ul-fitr are celebrated by both tribal and non tribal community. Being home to numerous sects all celebrations are held in a peaceful manner. Tribal festivals like Faghun, Sarhul, Dasain, Tusu, Karam are celebrated with fun and frolic in the region.

Tourist Spots In and Around Khunti

Information about Khunti
Panchghagh Falls

An awesome spot with five delightful falls, Panchghagh Falls, situated around 15 km from Khunti is great outing spot. Enjoy the experience of shower under the spouting water. As of late these five falls have been pulling in numerous vacationers going to Khunti for its everlasting magnificence, flawless surroundings and smooth air. Deer Park is another recreation center set amidst beautiful surroundings, with delightful greenhouses, well laid pathways and playing parks for kids. The primary fascination here is the Park safari and the offices organized the guests are great. Perwaghag is ne of the most delightful waterfalls in Jharkhand, covered up in the lavish woodlands close Torpa piece. In stormy season it is blocked off. Yet, in winter around Christmas and New Year it is a standout amongst the most famous cookout spot to appreciate.

Utility Services in Khunti

People of Khunti enjoys presence of various utility services in the region. A few of the services provided by the government in this regard include policing, hosipitals, banks and postal services of the region. Policing is the need of the hour in our present society and for an area like Khunti affected by naxal infiltration police plays an important role. The district has lots of villages under its governance each with separate police station but the major police station of Khunti that can be contacted during difficult times is mentioned below with all details.

Police Station in Khunti

Khunti Police Station
Khunti, Ranchi - 835210
Mobile No. 9431706196
Website: http://www.jhpolice.gov.in/khunti

Banks in Khunti

Punjab National Bank
IFSC code: PUNB0673000
Address: Gaya Munda Complex, Khunti, Jharkhand 832510
Contact: 09431352851

State Bank of India
IFSC: SBIN0015636
Address: Panchayat Bhawan, vill-birhu, and P.O. -Khunti distt: Khunti (Jharkhand) Pin-835210
Branch code: 015636

State Bank of India
IFSC: SBIN0017170
Branch code: 017170
Address: Block office campus, P.O.: Karra, distt. Khunti. Jharkhand-835209
Contact: 7781011366
Email id: sbi.17170@sbi.co.in

Central Bank of India
IFSC: CBIN0284207
Branch code: 284207
Address: CBI, Khunti branch, Main Road, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Khunti, Dist: Khunti, Jharkhand-835210
Contact: 22612008

Bank of India
MICR: 835013210
IFSC: BKID0004915
Branch code: 004915
Address: At & PO: Khunti, Main road, Ranchi, Jharkhand: 835210

Bank of Baroda
Branch code: Khunti
Address: Dak Bungalow Road, Khunti, dist.Ranchi, Jharkhand - 835210.
Contact: 06528-221781

Canara Bank
MICR: 83501502
IFSC: CNRB0003375
Branch code: 003375
Address: Canara Bank, Dak Bunglow road, near Bank of Baroda, P.O. Khunti, dist Khunti 835210
Contact: 06528-220020 Email id: cb3375@canarabank.com

Allahabad Bank
IFSC: ALLA0212469
Branch code: 212469
Address: Sanjay Jayaswal, C/O SK Stores, Holding no-38, Main road, Khunti-835201
Contact: 06528-221795

United Bank of India
Branch code: KUTK59
Address: Karra road, P.O. & dist. Khunti, Jharkhand, pin-835210
Contact: (06528)221774

Indian Overseas Bank
IFSC: IOBA0001639
Branch code: 001639
Address: Central Coal Fields lt Kanke road, Jawahar Nagar Ranchi pin 834009
Contact: 0651 -2231234

MICR: 835240302
IFSC: HDFC0002628
Branch code: 002628
Address: HDFC bank ltd, Munda complex, Main road, Khunti Jharkhand 835210

MICR: 835259302
IFSC Code: IBKL0001348
Branch code: 001348
Address: K R Das Complex, 1st floor, Main road, Khunti near Hari Mandir
Contact: 9934316380, 7250031098

Oriental Bank of Commerce
MICR: not available
IFSC Code: ORBC0101996
Branch code: 101996
Address: Khunti basant complex, main road, khunti-835210
Contact: 220116

MICR: 835229302
IFSC: ICIC0002605
Branch code: 002605
Address: ICICI bank ltd Sham complex Bhagat Singh Chowk Main road, Khunti Jharkhand-835210
Contact: 7544012553

Transport in Khunti

Though a small place but it is well connected by all means of transport be it rail, road or airways. All the means of transport if not available directly are connected by various other small vehicles as autos and cycles. However there is no railway junction in Khunti but people here can board trains by going to Hatia railway station or Ranchi Railway station. These stations can be reached through buses and taxis. The roads are well connected throughout the region. A lot of state and private buses run on these roads and are major way of travel from one point to another. Apart from buses people rely on cycles as one of the most important means of transport. The taxis are another way to commute from one place to another. The nearest airport is located in Ranchi and is the Birsa munda airport which can be reached by buses or taxis.

Khunti at a glance

Country : India
District : Ranchi
State : Jharkhand
Elevation : 611m
Population : 87,561
Official languages : Mundari, Hindi

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